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Napa 1019 - Wix WL7462 Oil Filter

Napa 1019 - Wix WL7462 Oil Filter

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Product Description

Use For Normal And Severe Driving Conditions Such As Stop And Go Traffic, Dirt Roads, Construction Sites, Short Trips And Interstate Travel; NAPA Gold Oil Filters Provide Excellent Engine Protection Using Conventional, Synthetic, or Synthetic-blended Motor Oils, As Recommended By The OE Vehicle Manufacturer; This Filter Traps Up To 50% More Dirt And Contaminants Than ProSelect w/ The Best Combination Of Capacity & Efficiency For Severe Conditions; Laboratory Test Performance per ISO 454812: 18 Grams Dirt (NAPA Gold # 1515), 99% Efficient At 23 Microns (Based On NAPA Gold # 1515, 1356, 7060); Use Gold For Manufacturer OE Recommended Oil Change Intervals; Has Packed Gasket and Copper Washer; When Applicable, NAPA Flexible Silicone Anti-drainback Valve Protects Against Dry Engine Starts Past The Traditional Filter Change Interval; Cellulose Media Traps And Holds 50% More Contaminants Than Traditional Economy Filters
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Filter I.D. (Inches): 1.248 in.
Filter I.D. (mm): 32 mm
Filter O.D. (Inches): 2.834 in.
Filter O.D. (mm): 72 mm
Height (Inches): 4.33 in.
Height (mm): 110 mm
Media Type: Cellulose
Style: Cartridge Oil Filter
UNSPSC: 40161504